Becoming a Herbalife Supervisor and Herbalife Qualified Producer have just become easier with these Herbalife Marketing Plan Enhancements!

herbalife marketing plan enhancements

This has just been rolled out in Australia and New Zealand.
Coming to your Herbalife country soon….

Herbalife has just announced some pretty amazing marketing plan enhancements that makes it so much easier to qualify to the Qualified Producer (42% discount) level  and the Supervisor (50% discount) level.

Becoming a Qualified Producer


As a QP, you get a 42% discount on all your purchases from Herbalife. You also earn wholsesale commission on the purchases of all your Herbalife members who are on 25% and 35% discounts. That is either a 17% or 7% wholesale profit.


The only change in the qualification method is that instead of the 1500 PPV requirement, it is now 1000 PPV.


PPV stands for personally purchased volume. The focus is therefore back on team building.


Becoming a Supervisor


The more exciting herbalife marketing plan enhancements are to be found in the Supervisor qualification. More particularly, the two month qualification. Let’s examine this.


Previously you needed 2500 VP in two consecutive months of which at least 1000 VP per month were unencumbered VP. (UVP) In practice you would therefore need 5000 VP over the 2 month period.


Unencumbered Volume Points (UVP) are VP that nobody else in your group is using to qualify to a higher discount level.


The new two month qualification method is simplified so much. All that is required now is:


“Accumulate 4000 VP over two consecutive months of wich at least 1000 unencumbered volume.”


Okay, so you still do this over two consecutive months.


However, now you only need a total of 4000 VP over the two month period. There is no monthly minimum! This is major!


Secondly, the 1000 UVP is for the two month period combined…you do not need 1000 UVP per month. This is huge!


With theses new Herbalife Marketing Plan enhancements so many more people will qualify to the Supervisor level. There is no more the need to stretch yourself by having to purchase more Herbalife products yourself to qualify. Now, if you focus on building a team of Herbalife members, you will easily qualify to the Supervisor level.


I am personally very excited about these changes because it fits perfectly into our team’s Family Customer Plan strategy of building the Herbalife business around the world. It makes our Herbalife strategy just so much more effective!


Thank you Herbalife!