7 Things you can do to be more happy right now.

be more happy

The 7 things you can do to be more happy right now

Are we really as happy as can be? Is happiness only reserved for the few? Why is it that when you look around you, people simply do not look happy? Are looks deceiving? Are they happy, but just not showing it? Is it really possible to do things to be more happy?

I was sitting on the train the other day, commuting in to the city (Brisbane), and I could not help but notice how “unfriendly” my fellow commuters looked. Sure enough, some of them probably dreaded the day ahead. Who knows, they might have had the boss from hell waiting for them at the office. But is that reason enough not to return my smile, or just a friendly “good morning”? Perhaps we are simply too busy, too pre-occupied with life to be happy. Are you ready to be more happy?

Here are 7 things you can do to be more happy right now.

They are easy to do, simple things. Some might even say it’s obvious. Some might think some of it is silly. Let’s see if we could put the smile back on your dial. I challenge you to do these 7 things for 7 days straight. If you are not at all satisfied (more happy) after 7 days, I offer you a full refund. A no questions asked iron-clad money-back guarantee. Sounds good? Excellent.  Here goes…

1. Decide to be happybe more happy

You would be surprised how many people skip step 1. The simple truth is this: You cannot be happy unless you first decide to be happy. Your heart (soul) must tell your mind to make the decision to be happy. Once your mind has made the decision, more specifically, formed the thought to be happy, everything else will fall into place. You have to make up your mind to be happy. You cannot leave this decision to chance. If happiness is not an automatic decision for you yet, you have to consciously make this decision every single day, until it becomes second nature…until it becomes habit. This is the fist step towards being more happy.

So, repeat after me: “I, [insert your name], now decide to be a happy person. [smile]” If you want to make this daily decision to be happy a habit sooner, write it down and repeat it often to yourself.

be more happy2. Express your gratitude and thanks for the fact that you are now a happy person

This one is BIG. If you “get” this, as my daughter would say, then you can create so many other beautiful things in your life. Expressing gratitude and thanks for what you have, has the uncanny ability to release more and more goodness into your life. Some people really do not feel that grateful and think they don’t have anything to really be grateful and thankful for. Let me tell you this: after my near death experience, I all of a sudden realised how many things I previously took for granted. We have so much to be thankful and grateful for every single day. A different way to look at it is this: Any day above ground is a good day!

This is how to express your gratitude for being happy:I am so grateful and thankful now that I am a happy person.” It’s that simple. Repeat this phrase as often as you remember it, but at least a few times in the morning when you wake up and at least a few times when you put your head on the pillow at night. While you are at it, express your gratitude for all the other good things in your life too. If you really want to push the envelope, start expressing your gratitude for the good things not yet in existence in your life. Releasing those thoughts of gratitude into world, has an uncanny ability to find a way to attract those very same things you are grateful for into your life.


be more happy3. Learn to like the people around you

The Bible teaches that we should love all people. But let’s face it… some people are very hard to love, let alone like. It’s as if they are doing their utmost to be “unloveable”. You know the kind, right? You might have a few of those around you every day. It might be your boss, a co-worker, your spouse (heaven forbid). The ones who seem to know exactly how to push the wrong buttons, or who somehow triggers your defence meganisms by their mere presence.

If you want to be more  happy, and I mean really happy, you need to find a way to at least like the people who are around you every day. If you are surrounded by people whom you do not like, and you are forced to spend time in their presence, you are guaranteed to be miserable for most of the day. So how do you like the unlikeable? Here’s how. I learned this technique from the late, great motivational speaker, Zig Zigler.

This is what you do. Take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you like about that person. Forget the 300 things you dislike about him or her, focus to find at least 3 things that you like about the person that sours your day. If there is none, think about 3 things that you could like about him.

Let’s say for example you really hate your boss (Gary), and as a result your job and every miserable hour you have to spend there. Think about 3 things you like about him. Does he pay you every month? Good. There is one reason.

“I like Gary because he writes my paycheque every month.”

Fact that you are still there, means Gary has not fired you for your bad attitude yet, right? Well, let’s be grateful for that. It’s another reason to like him.

“I like Gary because he keeps me in my job.”

What else? Perhaps Gary arranged for a parking bay for you when you started to work there. Hey, parking at work is a perk. Let’s like Gary a bit more for that.

“I like Gary because he gave me a parking at work.”

You get the picture. It does not matter how silly the thing is that you find you can like about Gary. The idea is to really focus on the things that you like about the people around you, and to ignore and tune out of the things you really don’t like about them.

Next time you see Gary, smile and say to yourself: “I like Gary because he pays me every month, keeps me in my job and gave me a company parking. Gary is a great guy. [smile]” Do this for 7 days in a row and I bet you will come up with more things you like about Gary.


be more happy4. Smile as often as you remember

I don’t know what it is about a smile. It always makes you feel better. It also radiates happiness. The more you radiate happiness, the more happiness will fill your space. Have you noticed that if you suddenly smile at someone random, they usually smile back at you? It’s because a smile is infectious….and so much more attractive than a frown.

So, for the next 7 days focus on smiling more. When you are alone; when people are around you….it does not matter. Smile as often as you remember. 🙂


be more happy5. Have a good “hearty” laugh at least once a day

This one is probably the hardest of all the happiness tools I’m sharing with you today. Laughing does not come easy for a lot of people. I’m often labelled as “too serious”. Do people constantly tell you to “lighten up and live”? If so, you are in serious need of a good hearty laugh. But how do you do it if you are not “naturally inclined to laugh”? The answer is actually quite simple. Laughter is infectious. If you hear someone else have a good hearty laugh, you cannot but begin to smile, and ultimately laugh too. This is where your friend Youtube comes in. Search Youtube for funny videos or “laughing baby”…I’m telling you, there is nothing as infectious as a laughing baby!

So, watch one “laughing” video a day for the next 7 days…and make a point to smile and laugh with them.

Here’s one to get you going:

Laughing to be more happy video


be more happy6. Release your “inner happiness” endorphins

What are happiness endorphins? Well, it’s the endorphins your body releases when you exercise. Have you noticed how you always seem to feel better after exercise, no matter how excruciating it was?

When you do at least 30 minutes of physical exercise a day, work up a sweat so to speak, your body will release enough endorphins to last you until the next day.


be more happy7. Feel good about yourself

People who feel good about themselves, are generally more happy than people who don’t. The same Bible that says we must “love our neighbour” also say we must “love ourself”….“love your neighbour as you love yourself…”

Well, that presupposes that we do indeed love ourselves. But let’s face it, a lot of us struggle with this one. We constantly find fault with ourselves. We look into the mirror and find all kinds of imperfections. But those imperfections are all subjective observations. Are not those very same imperfections what make us unique?

Just like you learn to like the people around you, you can learn to like yourself more and more every single day. Get out the writing pad and pen. Write down all the things about you that you do like. Focus on those. Forget all the imperfections you don’t like and just focus on the ones you find likeable.

Now express your gratitude for those things as often as you remember, but at least twice a day. In the morning when you open your eyes, express your gratitude and at night when you put your head back on the pillow, express your gratitude once more.

Let’s say there are really some negative aspects that overshadows your life, like an obese body that you have to drag around all day long. How do you deal with that? Something like that is obviously very hard to ignore.

The key is to put things in place that you can do every day, that will gradually help you to change that situation around.

So every time you look into the mirror and are reminded of your past failures to keep a trim body, or every time your clothes feel like they want to part way when you move, or squeeze your “excess body” into uncomfortable positions, you have a positive and realistic way of dealing with it in your mind. But like the “decision to be happy“, you have to make the decision to be as lean and trim as you possibly can.

Then put into place a few practical steps, like using a lean protein supplement program to help you build up more lean muscle tissue over time. This will allow your body to burn more and more fat as you go along. Your body’s lean muscle tissue is it’s fat burning machine. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn. Sometimes you actually have to eat more, not less, to get your lean muscle mass to the required level. It requires a high protein, low calorie supplement program like the Herbalife weight control program. Make the decision to start using it. Register as a Herbalife distributor. Contact your sponsor for advice as to the best Herbalife program for you. Then place your Herbalfie order at a minimum discount of 25%.

See, the moment you have done that, you have taken control. It does not matter that you just ordered the products and that it’s still on it’s way to be delivered to you, or that you haven’t lost all your excess weight yet…what truly matters is that you have taken responsibility for a situation that you would like to change. You took the decision and you acted on it. Every time you therefore look into the mirror, or are somehow reminded of your past failures in this regard, you can positively affirm: “I am grateful and thankful now that I am using the Herbalife weight control program and are losing all my excess weight.”

This is empowering. When you now look into the mirror and see the flab taunting you, you can smile back at it and say, you are about to be burned off quicker than you think! Just thinking about the positive steps you are taking every day, like the 30 minutes of exercise or the weight control supplements you use to build up your lean muscle mass, is enough to dispell the negative thoughts of the past.

Liking yourself will just become easier and easier. So, put in place what you need to, and for the next 7 days affirm all the things you like about yourself at least once when you wake up in the morning, and once when you go to bed at night.


I wish all of you the best of happiness, health and prosperity!


Yours sincerely,

Willem & Suné Kilian
Global Expansion Team
Herbalife ID: 46-024370
Email: wjkilian@gmail.com
Based in Australia.

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