Basics of the Herbalife Marketing Plan

basics of the herbalife marketing plan

Knowing the Basics of the Herbalife Marketing Plan

You do not need specialised knowledge and skills about the Herbalife marketing plan, in order to make use of it. All you need are a few basic Herbalife Marketing Plan Basics.

In this video we look at the following Herbalife Marketing Plan Basics:

  • Understanding Herbalife Volume Points
  • The difference between Personal Volume and Personally Purchased Volume
  • Unencumbered Volume
  • How to use your Personal Volume to qualify to the Senior Consultant, Qualified Producer and Supervisor Levels in Herbalife.


In life it is always better to know how to switch on the lights, than it is to understand electricity. You will find people sitting in the dark all day and night, trying to figure out and understand how it all works. They simply refuse to flip the switch until they understand everything there is to be understood about electricity. They refuse to trust you. They refuse to believe based upon your say so. The result: they remain in darkness for a very long time.

And then there are those who simply couldn’t care how it all works, as long as it works. As soon as they hear about the switch, they flip it! And viola; they have light!

The Herbalife marketing plan is similar. You do not need to know everything about it before you start making use of it. With electricity the end result you seek is light. So what’s easier? To first study how it all works and how you can generate your own, or to just flip the switch?

To flip the switch and benefit from the Herbalife marketing plan you only need to understand the basics covered in this video. Know what volume points are and how it fits into the marketing plan…then take action.

In the end, it’s about taking action. Nobody can flip the switch for you. That is something you have to do yourself. Your sponsor can guide you to where it is; and which direction you need to flip it, but in the end, you have to walk to it, stick out your hand, and flip it yourself.


This diagram about the basics of the Herbalife Marketing Plan will assist you:


basics of the herbalife marketing plan


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