Are you thinking that Herbalife is a scam because you did not make money with Herbalife or got the weight loss or health results with Herbalife that you wanted? Your answer: Herbalife training!

herbalife training online


Yes my friends – training! Herbalife training is what stands between you and the results you want.

Do you want to make money with Herbalife? Then you have to learn how to make money with Herbalife.

Do you want to get great results in using the Herbalife products? The you have to learn how to use the products correctly for the type of results you want. It is that simple!


Which one of the following ring true for you?

  • The person who sold the Herbalife products to me, did not tell me how to use it?
  • The person who recruited me into the Herbalife business did not tell me what to do?
  • My sponsor is a jerk.
  • My sponsor left the business.
  • My sponsor never returned my calls.
  • When I asked my sponsor for help, he just wanted me to attend more local trainings. Every one of those trainings cost anywhere from $20 – $100 or more.
  • My sponsor just motivated me to qualify Supervisor and then after that, we did not hear from him.
  • I feel dissapointed with my lack of progress with Herbalife.


My friends, all of the above can be cured with proper Herbalife training. What you need is a place where you can learn all the knowledge and all the skills that you need in your own time. That is what is lacking for most struggling distributors.


The key to your success is online Herbalife training to increase your knowledge, skill and attitude.


If you have the right attitude, meaning, WANTING to succeed, you are halfway there. If you have this desire to reach your goals, the other two ingredients will come easy.


Next you need knowledge. You need to know WHAT to do.


The final step is skills. You need to know HOW to do it.


With a combination of the right knowledge, skills and attitude, you cannot but succeed.


Success is a cycle. The stronger your attitude (your desire to achieve your results), the more willing you will be to invest time, money and effort to gain the knowledge and skills that you need. The more your knowledge and skills increase, the more results you will beging to experience.


More results equals an even stronger WILL to succeed. This leads to you acquiring more knowledge and learning more skills and before you know it, you are on your way to successville! You will very soon realise the Herbalife Scam scaremongers, are just simply people who failed to get the right Herbalife training. Who knows, you can even guide them to get proper training too!


This is exactly why I created the EZHealthBiz website. Here you will find over 300 Herbalife related free training articles. (This is a growing list!)


For those who are serious about building a successful Herbalife busines, we have created the Herbalife Training Centre. Here you can access HOURS of online training materials to teach you not only the A-B-C, but the A – Z about building your Herbalife business.


For a one time set-up fee of $100 you get lifetime access to the Herbalife training centre. You even get a free sponsor page coded with you Herbalife ID number so that you can sponsor new Herbalife members online.


You can even help contribute to our online blogging, by sharing free training tips that we will publish on our main blog. You get the recognition as a leader in training and they get to share in your experience.  Win-win.


Once you are at the Supervisor level and above and you have a growing network of Herbalife members that all make money like you and are getting results, then you will actually have money to go and attend the big Herbalife Corporate trainings.

Make no mistake; those trainings are magic.

Personally we have travelled to Prague, Vienna, London, Los Angelos, Sun City, Amsterdam and Paris to attend these big corporate trainings. However, I’ve seen countless new Herbalife members who stretched themselves financially to attend some of these trainings, which involve international travel, that come back and struggle. Why? They get the excitement on the weekend training, and even the knowledge, but the skills take time to learn and if they do not have the patience and the discipline to practice and hone those skills, they will not achieve the results they want.


So here at EZHealthBiz Trainng Center you get 24/7 access to our training material. Here are some of the topics that we cover inside the Training Centre:

  • Bootcamp Training – 7 Videos Series
  • Understanding Herbalife Volume Points
  • How to use the products
  • Herbalife Compensation Plan Training – Understanding the Herbalife marketing plan and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Mindset training


These training modules are constantly updated and expanded. You get access to a growing library of invaluable Herbalife training.


Online Herbalife Training to IMPROVE your:



Just click on the “Sign Up” tab on the memu bar at the top to learn more, alternatively just click here: >>>Learn more about EZHealtbBiz Membership


It’s time to get you properly trained for your Herbalife business.


Online Herbalife training is the key to your long term success.


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