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How to Package your Presentation

Everyone knows that the skill to package your presentation in a powerful, effective way, is probably one of the most important skills to have when working a home business.

The gurus say that you first have to break state. What does it help to know your product, or to know your customer, or to identify your target market, if you do not know what to say to them, or more importantly, how to say it to them, or most importantly, how to get them to listen to you in the first place?

The skill of packaging your presentation is nothing other than the art of effective communication. What follows are some very helpful tips to package your presentation in such a dynamic way, that it will get you more sales than ever before.

Package Your Presentation – Stage 1: Steal their attention


Communication specialists know that your window of opportunity to engage your listener, reader or viewer, is a few seconds at best.

We are all paying attention to something ALL the time. In an age filled with information, good and bad, where technology can bring you messages from all over the globe all at once, in all different forms of media, we are bombarded with people demanding our attention. Distractions abound. We only need half a second to get distracted and focus on something else.

Ask yourself this question:

How can I get my prospect to pay attention to me and me alone? How can I steal his attention away from all the other things demanding his attention right now for long enough to get my message through?

If you do not have his/her attention, the battle is lost. You may even have a “captive” audience, but your communication will fall on deaf ears. You could have the most compelling sales pitch, filled with the most astounding facts, figures and testimonials, it would matter not, unless you first have the attention of your prospect.

You have to get your prospect to pay full attention to you and you alone. As a matter of fact, you need to give him a proverbial shock to jolt him away from all the other voices out there, to momentarily turn his full attention to you. The gurus will tell you, you have to break the prospects state of mind; a technique known as “break state”.


Techniques on breaking state:

Much have been said and written on the topic. If you are serious about packaging your presentation in a proper manner, you will go beyond the limits of this article to inform yourself of all the different techniques to assist you in breaking your prospects state and gaining their instant attention.

It will depend much on the medium you are using. If you are writing to your prospect, your state-breaking technique will be different to when you are talking to them on a video or voice broadcast.

Here’s the crux: Your “voice” must stand out above all the others. There must be something so unique and so different about how you start your communication, that it will immediately focus the attention to you. You must literally draw your prospect’s attention to you. He or she must feel compelled to focus on you and your message.

  • If you are using the printed media, use a color or PICTURE or style that stands out from the rest.
  • If you are using only audio, say something out of the ordinary. Something that will jolt the listener. He or she must ask, “did I just hear correct???”
  • If you are using video, you can either use your voice to say something out of the ordinary, or you could do something out of the ordinary – or both.

Example: You sit in front of your computer. A video of some training is playing on one open screen, but you are multi-tasking. The guy is going on about how to package your presentation or something, and the next moment he says: “Oh my, I think there is something in my pants. Sorry, I’ve got to get them off immediately!!!”

What are you going to do? You are going to immediately shift your full attention to this guy to:

  • a) see what is going on in his pants;
  • b) see if he is going to really pull down his pants in front of the camera.


Bottom line: he would have broken your state. You get the point, right? 😉

Package Your Presentation – Stage 2: Keep their attention


How many times have you turned your attention to someone, to just completely loose interest in the first few seconds? Do you know why that is?

  • The guy didn’t “grab you”, right?
  • You simply felt “no connection” with what he was saying, right?
  • You just “could not identify” with his or her message, right?

The true reason is this: he or she simply failed to build rapport with you in those first vital seconds. Period.

The only effective way to keep the attention of your listener, reader or viewer is to build rapport in those first few sentences you use.

Your prospects response to those first few sentences must be something like this:

  • “yes, I hear you brother…”
  • “yes, I know exactly how you feel…”
  • “yes, I’ve been there…”
  • “oh boy, don’t I know it…”

How to build rapport when you package your presentation:

Get your prospect to agree with you right away. Let her nod her head in agreement. Let her say “yes” out loud.

One of the best books on the subject of building rapport, is a little book called “How to get instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport” by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. I just bought it on Amazon Kindle Edition. It’s really good. (p.s. I do not get any referral commission, so you know my referral is solid, right? (nod) 🙂

Well in this little book, 13 techniques are shared. I do not want to spoil it for you, but I will give you some things to get you to better package your presentation to build rapport. I’ll throw you a bone. Here are a few words and phrases that work magic:

  • “Most people” – you see, if most people do it, see it, believe it…then it must be true, right? Well, not always. But that is how the human brain works. We tend to trust what most people trust.
  • “Everyone knows” – well, if everyone knows this, then it must be true. Plus, I don’t want to feel left out. I don’t want to be the odd one out.
  • “Everyone says” – again, if everyone is saying it, who am I to disagree, right?
  • “Well, you know how…” – well, if I already know it, then it must be true, right?
  • “There is an old saying that…” – if it’s an old saying, then a lot of people must have been saying it over the years, which means it must be true, right?


Example: You are promoting nutritional supplements for better health.

Most people have a family member that has died of a heart attack, cancer or stroke. Statistics show that these three diseases are killing of more people every year, than any other cause of death. Everyone knows that most of these deaths are diet related and unnecessary. Most doctors confirms this as fact. Well, you know how after you went to a restaurant and “pigged out”, you feel really sick the next day? (yes) Well, everyone knows what we eat, affects not only how we feel and how we look, but also our level of health. If we just keep on eating unhealthy foods all day long, our bodies will show the effects very soon, right? (yes) Most people try to eat healthy these days, but you know how hard it is to source good quality raw foods these days? On top of that, everyone knows that the food we eat today, does not have the same nutritional value of the food of 100 years ago. That’s why most people supplement to make sure they give their bodies the nutrition it needs. There’s an old saying, “you’ve got to take care of your body today, otherwise where are you going to live tomorrow”?

If you missed it, read the above passage again. 🙂

Package Your Presentation – Stage 3: Tell stories


You know how a picture speaks a thousand words? Well it’s true. There’s an old saying, “seeing is believing”. Show them results. They are really not interested in the gory details of your products. They do not really want to know how many amino acids are in there, or how many grams of magnesium it contains. Results are the name of the game. What does your product do? More specifically what will your product do for me? Don’t tell me, show me!

So in this stage, package your own product and or business result story first. Have your before and after pictures. Then briefly tell them your story.

  • I was….(in the past before I took the product)
  • I did…( I decided to use these products)
  • I am…(This is what happened when I did.)



This is a photo of me. I used to weigh 118kg.

package your presentation


My dad then recommended that I try the Herbalife products.

I did.

I lost 36 kg in just 6 months.

package your presentation


Now I keep it off for over 17 years.

package your presentation

(Compulsory legal disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.)


Short and sweet. After all, the pictures say it all. I am just confirming what they see in the pictures. And remember to use the following compulsory legal disclaimer at all times when you present results:

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.


Next: Share other people’s stories. Before and after pictures with a short description. Don’t sell. Just show and tell.

Package Your Presentation – Stage 4: Call to Action


In most cases your call to action in your presentation will simply be to ask for the order. When you do so, there is a technique that works almost every time:

Give the prospect 3 options, and ask them which one they choose. Then shut up. Do not speak before they have spoken.

For example:

We have 3 recommended starter packages for you. Most people choose one of these, as they are the most popular amongst our customers. We have:

1 – The “ultimate program” which will give you your results the fastest and make you feel the best. It costs $200.

2. The “advanced program” which will give you great results, but you won’t have the added benefits of the ultimate program. It costs $120.

3. The “basic program” at $50 which will also give you the results you want, it will just take a little longer and require a little more discipline and willpower on your behalf. Obviously it does not come with the added benefits of the advanced or ultimate programs, but it’s a good program that will still give you what you want.

Which one do you want? (The call to action.)


Customer: “mmm…I think I’ll go with the advanced program”…

You: “Excellent choice. Most people choose the advanced program to start with. (Always make them feel good about their decision, no matter which one they picked.) How are you going to pay? Cash, card or direct transfer?”


Thank you for “staying with me” during this article. Your attention is indeed a commodity that is in high demand. I appreciate you giving me some of yours. 🙂

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Thanks. Much appreciated. Now go package your presentation.

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