Adapting To Change – What To Do When They Move Your Cheese

adapting to change

Adapting to change when the wheels are coming off…

Adapting to change is never a pleasant thought. Most people want things to stay the same. Yet, change is constant. Why then do we resist to move with the times? Why do we resist adapting to change?

The simple answer is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. Fear that we are too old, too this and too that to go after something new.

Earlier today, I picked up and re-read a little book by Dr Spencer Johnson, called, Who Moved My Cheese?

adapting to changePerhaps you have heard of it. The interesting thing was that this time when I read it (it’s a real quick read), I got so much more from it than I did the first time, and I realized the reason is quite simple….since I read it the previous time, someone has moved my cheese!

We are all after some sort of “cheese”. We wake up, and we do our thing each day in pursuit of our cheese. When we find it, we like to hold on to it. We find safety and security in it. However, your cheese will either get old and moldy, diminish or be moved altogether. The question is not will your cheese be moved, it’s when? And then, are you ready to move with it?

One of the quotes in the book really hit home for me. It is this:

“Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese.”


Now I hear some of you say, “I don’t want new cheese, dammit, I just want my usual thanks!”

The problem is, one day you are going to rock up at your cheese station and to your shock and horror you will discover that your beloved cheese is all gone!

Change is inevitable. Adapting to change is a choice. As a matter of fact it’s the only sane choice. Always be alert and do not get too comfortable in your current situation. Smell the cheese regularly to see if it’s not perhaps getting old. Be on the lookout for change and be ready for it.

Adapting to change must be one of your core skills in life. The only constant, is change.


~ Will Kilian

adapting to change

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