5 Daily Habits of Successful Network Marketers

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The Day I discovered the 5 Daily Habits of Successful Network Marketers

HerbalifeshakeSuccessful network marketers that fall in the top 1% of income earners, all have these 5 daily habits of successful network marketers in common.

Way back in 1996 when I joined our network marketing company, one of the first questions I had for my upline was, “please tell me the secrets of this business”. And they would reply with, “there are no secrets, just do the basics.”

Some of the best advice they gave me, which of course I did not follow, was to attend all big company events, especially the international ones, and bring lots of people to them.

I tried to attend as many as I could, but I hardly ever took any people with me….You see, I attended for a different reason: I wanted to discover the secrets of the successful network marketers.

So, when my upline told me there are no secrets…Well, of course I did not believe them.

That was the beginning of my search for the secrets of the successful network marketers.

My Search for the Secrets of Successful Network Marketers

I attended all the local events. I attended all the national events of my company.

I even attended all the international events I could afford to attend; and some of those I attended even though I could not at the time afford to attend them! I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about, right? Attending the overseas events, spending the money you are going to earn in advance. 🙂

habits of successful network marketersMy search for, what I now know to be the habits of successful network marketers, was far and wide. At the time, I thought they were secrets, because nobody taught them. In hindsight, I know I should have listened to my upline and should have at least taken a few people with me each time, but alas, it’s too late to cry over spilled milk.

In my search I bought and read as many books on the subject of Network Marketing that I could lay my hands on. I bought the cassette tapes and listened to them over and over again. I bought the videos and watched them until they became snowy and grainy. Later on I bought the CD’s and listened to them in my car wherever I went; sometimes I would just drive around so I could listen to the CD’s.

Then came the DVD’s and the Internet was invented, and boy, what a source of information. Hours upon hours of searching through the trashy articles… I fell in love with Youtube. What a revelation. No more need to buy endless DVD’s and videos. Now all the videos you could ever want, and more, was there. Talk about an information overload!

Imagine my delight when I finally discovered the so-called secrets of the successful network marketers! It took many years, and I still haven’t mastered them all, but man, what a relief to finally have found them!

So what do you do when you find the Secret Habits of Successful Network Marketers?

Where do you hide something that you don’t want anyone else to find? In plain sight! That’s where I found them. I also discovered they are not really secrets, because it’s open for everyone to see and find, if you know what you are looking for.

Naturally my first inclination was to keep it to myself; to keep it “secret”, and perhaps to only share it with my own team.

But I’ve decided to share it with the whole world; well, not exactly, but with everyone who invests the time and energy to read this article. That narrows it down considerably!

You see, I’ve also discovered that people will only take on board, or learn, or apply that which they are looking for. The reality is, people are not looking for stuff that’s “hidden” in plain sight.

The mind of man can only focus on about 6 – 8 things at a time, and with such an information overload available today, it’s near impossible for people to remain focussed. They are like a little kid in a candy store!

Many of you are familiar with the teachings of the late Jim Rohn. He was my first mentor. When I discovered these secret habits of successful network marketers, I was immediately reminded of these immortal words by him:

“There are usually only about a half a dozen things that make 80% of the difference. It’s not exactly half a dozen, and it’s not exactly 80%, but you get my concept.”

Jim followed that up with the insistence to, when you discovered the “about half a dozen things” to spend most of your time on these things. Basic time management, he called it. Spending 80% of your time on the 20% of things that makes the most difference.

That’s the secret of all successful network marketers.

The Secret Habits of Successful Network Marketers Revealed

Successful network marketers, the top 1%, have figured out what the “about half a dozen things” are that makes 80% of the difference in their network marketing business, and then they have spend most of their time on only these few things…and nothing else. They focussed. They zoomed in on these about half a dozen, until it became habit. Success was a natural outcome of these consistent habits.

Your level of success, when you begin to apply these “not so secret” habits of the successful network marketers, will directly depend upon how religiously you perform them; how quickly they become habit, and whether you are able to master all of them. As I said, I personally have not mastered all of them yet, but I’m so glad to know that I can stop wasting time trying to look for the secrets, and use my remaining time on focussing on these 5 habits of highly successful network marketers.

We need to focus and get all 5 habits to be part of the 80% of time that we spend on our network marketing businesses.

The important thing for me, is that I now know where where my focus, energy and time should be spend.

Here are the 5 Habits of Successful Network Marketers

These 5 habits must be cultivated in order. One comes before two, two before three etc. There are no short cuts.  These habits apply to ANY network marketing business, not just the one I am in. Here they are: 1. Use the products, 2. Sell the products, 3. Recruit , 4. Retain, 5. Train. Let me elaborate on them.


Habit 1 – Habits of Successful Network Marketers: Use the products

You must buy and use your own products. All of them. Perhaps you cannot financially afford to do so from the beginning, but you should make it your mission. What you don’t use, you won’t sell. Become a product of your company’s products. Eat, live and breathe your company’s products. If your network marketing company sells a tooth paste, that is the toothpaste that you and your family must use. I don’t care if your company’s tooth paste cost double what your current brand costs. If it’s a top network marketing company, the products will be superior.

It’s not what the product costs you when you use it that is important. What’s important is what it’s going to cost you and your business if you don’t use it. You will lack credibility. You will lack faith in your own products and your company. And although you won’t say it, people will see it in your eyes. They will hear it in your voice. The will pick it up from your demeanour.

Now I know that most reputable network marketing companies have huge product ranges. So in the beginning, set your product budget per month.

You have to use your company’s core products and you have to use those products that you are already using from other brands, like the toothpaste example I gave. Over time, when your current skin care products run out, restock with your company’s skin care products. Period. It’s not even a discussion. The same goes for hair care etc.

Apart from what it does for your belief system in your company and your company’s products, it all ads up to the monthly volume of products you use and it goes a long way in building your downline’s belief in you.

The people you sell the products and the business opportunity to, must trust you, believe in you, and buy you. If you are not a product of your company’s products, they are not going to buy you, and if they do, they might not stick around.


Habit 2 – Habits of Successful Network Marketers: Sell the products

As I said, you usually sell what you use. As a matter of fact, those products sell themselves. “Hey, your hair looks great! What are you using?” You: “This amazing new aloe based shampoo and conditioner. Do you want to try it?”

There are two ways to sell the products. Selling at retail and selling at wholesale. My personal preference is to sell at wholesale, unless my customer insists on buying retail. My motto, why buy retail if you can buy wholesale? Always act in your client’s best interest. They might not appreciate it right away, but they will, once they realised that you saved them money.

Selling the products will give you an active income. The retail and wholesale profits will soon add up and with just a few customers, you can begin to make a profit.

However, the top income earners in network marketing do not derive the bulk of their income from their personal retail and wholesale sales. If you want to earn more, you will have to learn and practice habits 3, 4 and 5. If you don’t, you can keep making a nice profit from selling the products. As long as you know.


Habit 3 – Habits of Successful Network Marketers: Recruit

Recruiting new distributors in your team can be a daunting task, especially in the beginning when your own results are not exactly inspiring the whole world to join your new business.

However, when you are new, you have one thing going for you that you won’t have after 5 years in the business: raw enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is energy; it’s contagious. People see it in your eyes, they hear it in your voice, they observe it in your body language.

Here’s another piece of advice I failed to follow: “When you are new, make up in numbers what you lack in skill”. THAT is why my upline told me to attend all events and to bring as many people possible to each event.

That way my prospective new distributors were not looking at me (with little or no results), but at all the other people already involved in the business. When they look at me, they might say, “I don’t like what I see”, but bring them to an event, and they see hundreds of others and are bound to see someone they will identify with, and then they might say, “If they can do it, so can I.”

This article is not a how to article. So this is not the time and place to discuss the different options of how to use the products, or how to sell them or how to recruit, or how to cultivate habits 4 and 5.

This is just to get you to focus on these 5 habits predominantly. You have to actively engage your mind every day to think about these habits and to perform them every day at the best of your ability. Over time, you will get better and better and better. But you have to keep at it.

In our network marketing company, you can qualify to the Senior Consultant, Supervisor and World Team levels by yourself, just by focussing on habits 1 and 2; although the Supervisor and especially World Team levels will be harder to achieve on your own.

If however you want to progress any further than that, you need a TEAM. Step one of putting a team together, is to recruit new distributors. There is no other way.


Habit 4 – Habits of Successful Network Marketers: Retain

Successful network marketers spend major time on following up on their customers and distributors. Retention of customers and distributors is vitally important. You spend all that time, money and effort to get your customers, retail or wholesale, and to recruit your distributors, why lose them?

A lot of network marketing leaders believe that your real work only starts after you got your customers and distributors. And they are right.

One of the early skills we were taught in our network marketing company, was follow-up. The first 72 hours after your new person bought the products or joined the company, is vital. Why? Well, that’s the time they are most vulnerable to the attacks and onslaught of their negative friends, and relatives. They are most vulnerable because they still have zero belief in the products, or the company or the business.

If you can get them to immediately start using the products, you are off to a good start. If they don’t use the products within the first 72 hours, you have most certainly lost them.

If you can get them to watch a presentation, better yet, attend a live event within that time, they will stay long enough to take another step. They will see other people; hear their stories…and slowly but surely their own belief system in the products, the company and the business will grow.

This is also the time to lay the foundation of your relationship with them. Network marketing is a relationship business. The people you work with must know, like and trust you, and you them. This requires that you spend time with them. Build the relationship. Find out why they are using your products, why they joined your business. What motivates them? What are their reasons? You will need to know this, because when you check in on them later, and they want to quit because a negative relative abused them for being involved with your company, you need to be able to remind them of their WHY and convince them to keep going until they get their desired results.

This way, you are laying the foundation for your team.


Habit 5- Habits of Successful Network Marketers: Train Your Team

Successful network marketers spend major time on training their new customers on how to use the products to get the most out of them, and training their distributors on how to use the products, sell the products, recruit new distributors, and how to retain these new customers and distributors.

However, this 5th habit goes one step further. The average network marketer can perform all five habits and still just be average.

Successful network marketers know how to harness the power of T-E-A-M. 

I’m going to say that again and try to say it in various different ways, because if ever there was a secret of successful network marketers, it is this.

Successful network marketers know how to get their distributors to work as a team. It does not necessarily mean that they work together or even be in physical contact with one another. They work as a team because they focus on the same things.

Successful network marketers know that as a team everyone achieves more. As a team they can get there much faster.

It does not mean that they all use the exact same products in the exact same way, but it does mean that they all use the products every single day.

It does not mean that they all sell the products in the exact same way, or that they sell the same products, but it does mean that they spend major time on selling the products, whether it be retail, wholesale or both.

It does not mean that they all recruit new distributors using the same method of operation, or targeting the same market, but it does mean that they all focus their energy every day to recruit new distributors.

It does not mean that they all use the same style to follow up with their clients and distributors, but it does mean that they all focus on building relationships with their team members.

They don’t necessarily attend the same trainings, but they all train their team members to use the products, sell the products, recruit and retain.

But most importantly, they have cultivated the ability to get their team members to all focus on the same goal and work together as a team; with teams within teams within teams, all focussing on the same 5 habits of successful network marketers.

Recognition is a major tool in building TEAM.

The NEXT LEVEL of teamwork is to get your teams within teams, to all follow the exact same CORE plan. The core plan is just that, it’s the bones…leaving each individual the freedom to add the flesh, yet the core remains the same. This gives each team member a common bond. Although they might do the business completely different to one another, they have this center core in common. The core is the bare backbone; it’s the framework that gives the team direction.

The core plan that we developed for out team, is discussed elsewhere and in various different posts and articles on the www.ezhealthbiz.com website. It’s covered under the title of the Family Customer Plan, or FCP strategy.

If you were in search for the secret habits of successful network marketers, search no more!

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you did, please comment, like and share.


Family Customer Plan Strategy Step by Step





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