Day 47: 4 Good Working Habits that Avoid Fatigue and Stress

4 good working habits

4 Good Working Habits that Avoid Fatigue and Stress

These 4 good working habits will help you to reduce stress and avoid becoming fatigue prematurely.

4 Good Working Habits [Video]



4 Good Working Habits that Avoid Fatigue and Stress

Recap on the 4 good working habits:

  1. Clear your desk from all papers and clutter.
  2. Do the most important task first. That is the only thing allowed on your desk. Do not move on to the next task, until you finished this task first.
  3. Make decision promptly and deal with your problems as and when they arise. Do not leave them unresolved. This way you will have no unfinished business.
  4. Learn to organise, deputise and supervise.


I trust that these 4 good working habits will serve you as well as they serve me.


To your happiness, health and prosperity!

~ Will Kilian

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 4 Good Working Habits that Avoid Fatigue and Stress

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