10 Minute Cardio Blast to Start your Day


A 10 minute cardio session could dramatically change the shape of your day. We always think we don’t have time to exercise, but it’s not true. What is 10 minutes in your day? It’s 1/6th of an hour…and you have 24 of them at your disposal!

Here is a 10 Minute Cardio Blast by a fitness instructor. Just hit play, and exercise away.

What can a 10 minute cardio program do for you?

To live a healthy life, we all need to take responsibility for ourselves. Not only what we eat, drink and breath, but also how we move.

When I think of exercise I always think about “pain” and sweat and more “pain”. But that’s just because of my own past experiences where as a kid I would be extremely unfit in the beginning of the rugby season, and then during that first exercise session, I pretty much felt like I was going to die.

It was only much later in life that I realised to live healthy, a little bit of exercise every single day, is much better than one exhausting workout per week. It could be a walk around the block, a stroll next to the beach or in the park or garden work for an hour. All these activities get your heart pumping and help you to breath better.

When I was extremely overweight (when I weighed 118kg), exercise was not fun…not even walking was pleasant. My legs used to chafe every single time I tried exercise. It was only when I lost about 17kg with Herbalife, that I felt more comfortable to exercise.

I started slowly with a walking/jogging program that takes you from a complete beginner to jogging for 40 minutes at a time after a 12 week program. On day one, you only walk for 10 minutes. Each day you build on the previous – with rest days in between.

The point I am trying to make is this: If you know you are unfit and you really want to do something about it, don’t kill yourself on the first session. Start slowly and make sure you get at least 10 minute cardio exercise every single day…better yet, do a 10 minute cardio in the morning and do a 10 minute cardio at night. Within 7 days you will feel the difference.

If you want to live a healthy life, just look at what happened to me and millions others who decided to take responsibility for our own health. It starts with 10 minute cardio exercise, feeding your body cells what they need and drinking lots of water. Seeing is believing.


10 minute cardio

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